Draw your sailing knowledge!

Sail Replay is easy to use and provides tools that allow you a fast and precise drawings of step-by-step sailing situations.

You can choose from many sailboat class designs that come preinstalled, use different mark-types, flags, add text and line drawing. All you need in one package. In the end, the program creates a smooth animation or images of individual steps.

Boats not to scale, click to check them out
keelboat finn laser optimist 470 rs:x 29er 49er moth nacra17 ac45 ac72 musto performance skiff rc44 rc boat rib jetski
Class flags
29er 49er 49erFX 420 470 finn fireball j-24 j-80 laser laser radial melges 24 melgees 32 moth musto performance skiff nacra open bic optimist rs:x soling star techno 293 tornado yingling

Produce great animations

Export your final scenario into one of the following formats:

  • copy scenario to clipboard
  • PNG image
  • series of PNG images
  • web HTML code and compliant video
  • PDF document
  • multiple pages PDF document
  • MP4 video

If you are preparing a presentation, a web page or want to demonstrate a complex situation with a video - we got it all:

Export scenario
Export scenario
Have every step of the scenario saved in an image
and have them ready for your presentation.

on-screen animation
On-screen animation
Final animation can be played on-screen
or saved as a video.

Attention to details!


According to the boat class she can fly either a spinnaker, a gennaker or have wing-sails, too! Jibs are there too, do not worry. And special light genoas for really fast cats!

Flags! Flags! Flags!

Flags for everyone! A dozen for a penny! Choose from the standard IMS flagset, basic match race set, plenty of class flags and all the ISAF MNA country flags.


Wanted to draw boats overlapped by the rudder? Sometime it can mean a difference! "Technical!"

RC boat shaped zone

A mark is not just a point, it can also be a big boat. Adjust the zone accordingly! See for yourself.

Manual sail trimming

Is the boat sailing by the lee? Is she backing the sail? Override automatic sail positioning.

Partial boat tracks

Avoid the clutter on screen and display only the relevant scenario elements! Hide the past completely or display the recent part of the track and the boats.

Fast scenario creation

Get the boats paired up, avoid the confusion!
Quick drawing
Quick drawing
Most of the functions are accessible by quick keyboard shortcuts or intuitive actions.
Full control
Full control
Simple intuitive controls and easily accessible parameters allow full scenario control in the smallest of the details.

Import existing scenarios

Have you used other software for creating scenarios? We try to preserve all the work invested and... behold! Can you spot the differences in the picture to the right? Well, neither can we!

Previously created designs from other software can be flawlessly imported. No need to redo all the work!

Currently working on other formats import.

Import scenarios from other software
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