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Licensing options

You can use Sail Replay without a license to try it out, but some of the features are disabled.
We would recommend you to at least get a trial license to fully assess the capabilities of Sail Replay.

no license



full design features
save scenarios
open scenarios only your own
import scenarios
export images / video with watermark
expense - FREE one time expense
Download Get a free license Buy for 25 €

What do I get when I buy a full license?

  • Trial version nuisances are removed, clearly.
  • All the scenarios are available without limitations.
  • That warm feeling that you've done something great!

How many do I need?

You need only one license for yourself. It is valid for personal or commercial work, on all your computers. But just for you.

Read the End User License Agreement for details!


Everybody is entitled to all of the security updates and bug fixes.

Major releases or extended functionality may be subject to an upgrade requirement.

Bulk order

If you're interested in acquiring a larger number of licenses (for young sailors, club members etc.), send an inquiry for a special offer.

Not a sailor but still a supporter?

Any donations will be greately appreciated and will provide support for furher development and introduction of new features.

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